"The renovation of a building does not mean redoing, repair or reconstruction – this word indicates rather to create an innovative state that did not exist before."
Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, 1855

LOFTHOME came in the forefront of the Hungarian real estate market not only by the reuse of the lofts of city centre buildings from the turn of century but also by modernizing, furnishing and rent upper middle class residences.

The company was established by Laura Szanyi and György Losonci in 2003. They both longed for a loft-converted downtown residence in the city with roof terrace, but could not find one... So they established Lofthome with its key aim to convert loft spaces on the top of historical buildings in the heart of Pest.

The innovative initiative can be proud of numerous real estate projects in Budapest, as well as they have developed several retail properties since 2008.